Unless you have any known food allergies, while touring India, do try the meat available here (at certified restaurants only). Mutton or goat meat is what is often served and enjoyed in various preparation forms. Some common preparations you will get to hear, see and taste are the kebabs (seekh kebab and shammi kebab), minced mutton (soft and juicy kakori kebab and galouti kebab) and ofcourse the mutton tikka and mutton curry.
Beef is not available or served in restaurants as we are largely a Hindu majority state and traditionally cow is considered a sacred animal.

When you see a Cheese burger being advertised, it will be just that- a burger with slices of cheese. This is unlike other countries where the nomenclature for cheese burger is beef.

TDW tip: don’t hesitate to try local flavours, choose from the long list of hygienic, branded eateries.