Local Lingo
While Hindi is the official language and spoken by most people in India; in every city you will also hear snap shots of Punjabi, Bengali, Urdu etc. English is the official language of the corporate community. And a new language ‘Hinglish’ is the official language of the youth. Here are some words and phrases that will make your trip to India a little easier & much more fun!

Hello. Namaste.
How are you? Aap kaise hain?
See you later. Baad mein milenge.
Take care. Apna khyaal rakhna.
Thanks. Dhanyavad.

How much is this? Yeh kitne ka hai?
This is very expensive. Yeh bahut mehenga hai.
Give a better price. Kam daam do.
Ok I’ll take it. Theek hai, de do.
I don’t want it. Nahin chahiye .

Can I have the menu. Menu deejiye.
Don’t make it spicy. Mirchi mat daalna.
Water. Paani.
Tea. Chai.
Hurry, we’re very hungry. Jaldi, bahut bhookh lag rahi hai.

We’ll go by the meter. Meter se jaayenge.
How far? Kitni door?
How much? Kitna hua?

ANIMALS (use it at your discretion)
Donkey. Gadha.
Dog. Kutta.
Female Dog. Kutti.
Monkey. Bandar.

TATTOOS (great words / phrases for tattoos)
Karma. Karma.
Om. Om.
Non-violence. Ahimsa.
Truth. Satyagrah.
Independence. Svatantrata.

Leave me alone. Peechaa chodo.
Go away. Jao yahaan se.
Yes. Haan.
No. Nahin.