bollywood dancing – the indian jiggle

A visit to India is incomplete without sampling our style of dancing – the belly wriggle, the roll of the eyes, the hip twist, the arm wave; this is what makes our dances fun and expressive.
From basics to teaching a few hook steps we have it all for you in our one hour Bollywood dance session. Our catchy songs, crazy moves can get anyone moving.
Whilst our energy packed session cannot assure you a spot in the next Bollywood movie, you’ll surely learn a few sharp moves to impress your friends and win every Indian’s heart!

Getting ready. We’ll start with the basics. You will be taught the beginners moves so that your body gets tuned to the Bollywood music.

Choreographed song. You’ll learn some interesting dance moves to match the song and flow with the song.

The hook step.  Every song has a popular step that the song is usually known for. You’ll get to learn some of these so that you’ll remember it for the rest of your life and give an anytime performance.

  • Wear appropriate shoes
  • We would advise you to wear comfortable clothing
  • Keep your hair tied
  • Availability of the studio and the dance expert needs to be checked
  • Duration 1 hour excluding the travel time

While I was exploring the tours – this surely caught my eye. Nice to go to a new country and learn their style of dancing. This one hour session was energy packed and our dance instructor excellent. My husband and son enjoyed it as well. Play a Bollywood song and I’ll show you .

Neeta, Scotland

I booked this tour along with a few friends and we thoroughly enjoyed it – the dance expert was patient and taught us very easy steps which we could follow and remember!

Alyssa, US