If you’re in town, you got to dress like the local girls; with a huge appetite for fashion, they go all out as far as colour, designs & accessories go. Here are 5 fashion take backs from the city.

1. Get a traditional outfit. The most obvious one. The outfits can range from a salwar kameez (loose pants & a long flowy top), saree and a lehenga choli (long skirt with a blouse). Ready-mades are available in almost every market, in numerous textures, colours & styles. The drawback is that the choices run into millions (which is not always a good thing!).
The Delhi Way tip: If you’re getting a saree get a ‘pre-stitched’ one so that it’s easy to drape. And if you want to go all out give it a Bollywood touch by adding some bling to it.

2. Mehendi. Better known to non-Indians as ‘temporary henna tattoo on the hands’. Pick a design & see the patterns magically form on your palm.
The Delhi Way tip: As Indian customs go, the girl gets her husband’s name written somewhere within the pattern & he needs to look for it to prove to her that he has sharp eyes & an active brain!! It’s an old ritual, so go along with it and try this on your partner.

3. Accessorize. Local girls are all about the accessories – the bindi’s (dot) that goes right in the middle of the 2 eyebrows, vibrant glass bangles (bracelets) that adorn the hands, the toe rings for (obviously) the toes… the list is too long.
The Delhi Way tip: Get a clip-on nose ring just for fun & definitely silver anklets for the ankles.

4. Juttis. Our favorite! Inspired from the Mughal era, the royals wore highly embellished footwear called the ‘juttis’. They are flat in nature with an M shaped front, adorned with colorful embroidered thread work.
The Delhi Way tip: Must buy, goes with any outfit – western or Indian!

5. Visit a local parlor. This is for pure leisure & relaxation. Go to a local parlor in the market of a residential colony. They are small & homely. Plenty of options available from getting a head massage to a mani- pedi to waxing, threading the list is endless. And extremely reasonable.
The Delhi Way tip: Get an oil based head massage – its bliss!